Ornament Stealer

Riley is now officially an ornament stealer.  We have our Christmas tree in one half of our house that is usually blocked off with baby gates (we’ve got more metal bars in our house than Alcatraz…actually we have 3 metal baby gates up so it does look a little like an armory or something).  We ate dinner in our dining room tonight which is on the Christmas tree half of the house.  Riley was exploring the tree and next thing we knew she had pulled a little pine cone ornament off of the tree.

Luckily after that she left all the other ornaments and the presents alone.  I guess she felt like she was in the great outdoors with the live tree and a pine cone to boot!

Somehow, and this now makes no since to me, Riley was rewarded after dinner with the rest of our snow peas.  She enjoyed them so much.  She even ate them slowly (which she usually scarfs everything down as fast as she can).

Waiting for the “okay” to be released to eat them.
Then it was play time!  Riley got a nylon toy dumbell type thing in her goodie bag from Care-A-Lot the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  She has been enjoying the heck out of destroying and playing with the toy.  Here’s what’s left of it:
That’s right, it just looks like a small hole-y snowball or something.  Maybe this could join Frankie Furter’s snowman collection…?
Oh, and you can see her new bed in the background.  I took it out of her crate so she’d actually use it and will put it back in her crate the next time she has to go in there.  She’s actually laid on in a few times but then decides to move up to the couch.  Oh well.

15 thoughts on “Ornament Stealer

  1. Riley, I am an ornament thief, too! Thanks for stopping by my blog AND for your wonderful holiday e-card. Mine are going in the mail (the old fashioned kind) tomorrow.Your pal, Pip

  2. hee hee… too funny~tanks for stopping by our bloggy today!Oraments are fun.. 'dey bright and shiney and 'dey look like tennis balls or yes, snow balls… whats 'da harm in playing wits 'dem… hee heesHugs!!IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  3. Welcome to the ornament stealing club Riley!This is actually the first year we have had our tree out in the open for Leroy to touch, so far he has only gotten one ornament that I know of:)

  4. We've had ornament thieves here too. You're tree is pretty. Ours is up, but I haven't wrapped a single present yet. My photo of Xander on today's post was taken last Saturday. We only got about an inch, but it was enough to have a little fun. Take care, and hugs to Riley!

  5. Oh that tree looks like hours of funballs! so many ornaments.. so much time:) hey great beddy bye.. looks like a deluxe comfort mattress:0 LUCKY!!lots of cookies,tula

  6. Go Riley ;-)As fur the bed…I enjoyed khrashing on the one in Eva and Brice's living room but would I sleep on the one in the guest room? Does Mom think I'd sleep on one if she got one fur me?Of khourse, the answers would be NO! Isn't it fun to keep the humans guessing!?!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

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