Back to the Vet with the Boxers

My mom (Riley’s grandma) and I had to take the two Boxers back to the vet today for Highway’s follow up appointment to get his eye rechecked.  Daisy didn’t have an appointment, but she freaks out if her brother leaves the house without her…she gets separation anxiety really bad.  When we got to my sister’s house to pick up the dogs to take them, this is where we found Highway…:

It seems he’s still all tuckered out from his appointment on Tuesday.  Oh wait, he’s just lazy.  The Boxers did get to go on a walk at a local nature park after their vet visit.  It was a brisk 39 degrees earlier.  There are rumors about a chance of snow flurries on Saturday night and Sunday.  We’ll see!!

Oh, by the way, Highway’s eye is fine.  My sister accidentally poked him in the eye not once but twice on Saturday or Sunday and she was worried about a corneal abrasion.  His eye was all red, swollen, and weepy.  He seems to be doing much better now.

9 thoughts on “Back to the Vet with the Boxers

  1. heehee! i love how highway is sleepin' with his head pullin' back the curtain to get some sunshinies. i do the same thingie except i'm not allowed up on the furniture. boohoo.i'm glad highway's eye is a-okay! that is super ouchies to get poked not once, but twice!*woof*the booker man

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