New Bed and Perch Work

Riley’s new orthopedic dog bed (yes, I know, VERY fancy…I got it on a REALLY good sale, trust me!) came yesterday.  It was in a box the size of my living room (well, not quite, but a huge box), so I was a little worried before I opened it that they had sent me a bigger bed than I ordered.  Luckily, that’s just Amazon for you, sending a way too big box.  I was relieved to see when I opened it that it was indeed the 24″ x 36″ bed that I had ordered.  It fits perfectly into her crate.  I was even able to get her to go in there to lie on it.  She never goes in her crate…I used to put her in there when she was a puppy when we were gone off somewhere but when she turned about 10 months old we decided she was safe to leave out in the house without bothering anything.  I have it mainly for when she’s on crate rest for her hips or knees.

She seems to like it.  She would like it better if it weren’t in her crate, I’m sure…!
Nice and plush.
Here’s a picture of our side yard after we got done raking yesterday.  We have had a windy day today so now it looks like we didn’t rake at all.
Riley and I have been doing some perch work as homework from this new training class.  Basically, I have to get Riley to put her front two feet on something on the ground.  We’re using a box lid.  It’s been going okay, but just today I saw Riley has had a breakthrough.  She doesn’t have it down 100%, but we’re getting there.  I think I’m going to have to buy or borrow (from my sister) a clicker to start doing clicker training with her.  A lot of people at class use clickers and I think Riley would respond well to one.

16 thoughts on “New Bed and Perch Work

  1. Haylie loved hers but weighing 90 pds… she flattened really fast, sweet Riley girl is lucky she doesnt weigh that much !! Those beds do make a diffrence on those tough days!The yard looks good!

  2. WOW, Riley you lucky dog !!!!Not sure how long it would last with our 3, Callie would be trying to remove it from her crate, then a tug of war would happen, and I really don't want to think what would be next. Not many things survive these 3 !!!3 Heelers Wild ……..

  3. Riley…that bed looks like it is very soft and cozy. ENJOY!Hello…we are back from Thanksgiving travels and just getting caught up enough to spend a few minutes with our blogging friend/s. Boy is it amazing how far behind you get when you don't check in daily. LOL

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