Busy Day

Here’s what I did today…

I went with my sister to take her Boxers, Daisy and Highway, to the vet today.  I’m in the blue jeans on the right by lazy Highway.
Highway’s never too proud for a nap…anywhere.
Then I raked some of the backyard.  It was a hopeless task, so we had to wait until my dad got home from work to run over all the leaves with the lawn mower.  I have tried and tried to start that lawn mower and can never muster up the oomph required to start it.  Our leaf blower conveniently needed “reconfiguring.”
Riley chewing on what’s left of a rope toy.

 Making some progress.

Of course we had to play ball…can you guess which ball we played with…?  That’s dirt, not poop, thankfully.
And here’s a video of what Riley and Chloe were doing last night while we were decorating the tree…excuse the mess.  They felt the need to play zoomies like the three wild heelers, Gus, Louie, and Callie do!  Ironically, “Silent Night” is playing from a music box while they’re running around like crazy dogs…

12 thoughts on “Busy Day

  1. How do you like your jolly ball? I was thinking of getting one for ball obessed Haylie but I heard some power chewer dogs cut their mouths on that ball where the holes are, what is your experience with it? Riley looks pretty laying in the leafs 🙂

  2. I almost ALMOST miss raking…just like i ALMOST miss shoveling snow! It says alot about your sister's dog raising skills that Havoc is so comfortable at the doctors.I miss multiple dogs (Stumpy, Fenway and Alf) running in circles around the house, flying over the furniture and zoomin' all over the place!

  3. That is such a cute video! They looked like they were having fun. You raked leaves – I shoveled 6.5 inches of snow! I'd rather have the leaves, but Tibby loves to play in the snow.

  4. The jolly ball was passed on from me to her. My dogs were scared of it. Yes, the 80 pound boxers were scared of a ball… Ahem. Elyse said Riley doesn't play with it much either.

  5. miss elyse,your christmas tree is super pretty, and i bet it smells grrreat! i like that marshmallow snowman ornament, too! my mama is worried that me 'n asa are gonna do zoomies around the tree just like miss riley and miss chloe, except she says i'm gonna knock the tree over cuz i'm klutzy. hmmmph!*woof*the booker man

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