Trimming the Tree

Here are some pictures from us decorating the Christmas tree tonight:

Riley checking out the tree.

Grandma and Grandpa putting the lights on.

We got a Christmas card from Zona, Cali, and Phoenix!  Thanks, you three!

The early stages of decorating.

Riley and Chloe’s ornaments.  Riley’s fat little puppy picture was so cute…I had forgotten which picture I had put in it last year.

My Baby’s First Christmas ornament.

One of my favorite ornaments.

Me by the tree.

I looked down and this is where Riley had put her ball…crazy dog.

Putting the angel on top.

Riley and Chloe in front of the tree.  I don’t know why Chloe’s showing her front teeth…I guess her lip got stuck.  Or maybe she was trying to smile for the picture.

10 thoughts on “Trimming the Tree

  1. I am trying to figure out when to put up our tree since I am worried about what the Remus and our Riley will do to the tree.I haven't gotten to the "taking a photo" in front of the tree yet. LOL

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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