Fake Poop Story Guest Post by Riley’s Grandma

This is Riley’s grandma and I have a story to tell on Riley…the other day when I came home, Elyse and Riley were in the dining room. After briefly greeting them, Riley’s mommy says, “Did one of the dogs poop inside? I smell poop!” I didn’t smell anything, but she kept insisting she smelled poop…so I began looking around and lo and behold there was a big pile of poop that could have belonged to no one except Riley! I said, “I found it and it was Riley! I can’t believe Riley pooped in the house. She’s never pooped inside, not even when she was a little puppy!” Of course, upon further inspection I discovered it was fake poop.  What a relief…my faith in Riley’s impeccable bathroom habits was restored!  Riley and her mommy better watch out though, because they aren’t the only ones who can pull a great trick over on someone!
Riley and her fake pile of poop.

Riley and/or Chloe chewed on the poop a little bit, so now it looks like it has paper in it.

8 thoughts on “Fake Poop Story Guest Post by Riley’s Grandma

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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