Not a Good Catch…

This is what I get for bragging about Riley catching so well the other day…  Here’s a video of her “not in the mood.”  She was pouting because she wanted me to throw it so she could run after it and not throw it right to her to catch it.  And this also shows you that Riley only wants to play 23 hours out of the day, not 24 like you previously believed!

12 thoughts on “Not a Good Catch…

  1. HaHahahahah!!! Welcome to the world of obstinate ACD's. When I say Stumpy is bored, unless you KNOW ACD's you can't imagine how many games we have already played on any given day… You have my sympathy!On the other hand, when they are into "it" there is no dog more focused and willing!

  2. Though my kids are not cattle dogs, they do share your exuberance for gogogo all the time. I have to actually put up the baby gate to keep calmness when I'm doing my chores. Oh don't you worry none, they get 'cookies' for behaving behind the baby gate. Then when chores are done, they are released to the outside back yard for romp & run! Your a real cutie. Hugs. Tammy and the gang.

  3. I think I like this video even better. It cracks me up how she just lies there. Or maybe I'm just jealous. My Shiva is willing to play about 27 hours a day, and even that doesn't tire her out!

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