The Riled Child

Riley got a good run in the backyard this afternoon.  It’s 68 degrees out today and such a nice day.  It’s supposed to rain soon though.  Riley got to go play with her new Chuck It ball launcher.  I don’t quite have the hang of it yet but towards the end I was getting a little better at it.  She’s worn out and happy as a clam.  I call Riley the “Riled Child” instead of “Wild Child” (which is certainly fitting of her…).  Her AKC name is “All Riled Up” and I didn’t know when I named her how well she was going to live up to her name…!  My next dog’s name is going to be “Calm Air” or “Relaxing Mist.”  Something soothing and calm!  Nah, I wouldn’t change a thing about Riley except maybe have her hips and knees healthy!

12 thoughts on “The Riled Child

  1. A tired Riley is a good Riley? ;-)I've thought about getting one of those chuck-its. Since I have zero throwing skills I thought it may help get the ball farther down the field. Good to know it works for you.

  2. I wish Fred would retrieve, man it would be so nice to wear his butt out with the ball and launcher some days when he is driving me nuts :)A good dog is a tired dog!!hahaha I was a dog with a calm name too!

  3. I love "Riled Child"!I know what you mean about picking the "right" name that winds up fitting the dog!I so wish I would of named Leroy "Angel Child" instead of Badd Badd Leroy Brown!!

  4. Momma had to get a chuck it thing too because she actually hurt her elbow throwing the tennis ball for my idiot brother. It was worth the investment because now she can turn him into a smiling puddle of joy by tossing his ball for 10 minutes or so. I don't get you action dogs. Always ready to GO! Relax, little friend.Slobbers,Mango

  5. Thank's so much for the link. Definitely ordering them for Buck & Erin. That photo of Riley reminds me so much of Erin at times. Takes a lot of play to get her to this stage!

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