Last Chance to Enter the Personalized Santa Dog Bandana Giveaway!

Hey everyone, by sure to check out the Personalized Santa Dog Bandana Giveaway that is ending tonight (11/14) at midnight Eastern time!

My mom (Riley’s Grandma) and I went over to Aunt Baddy’s house today to take a Christmas picture of Baddy, Jimmy (Uncle Jimmy that Riley’s in love with…) and the dog cousins Daisy and Highway.  They wanted a good picture of all four of them for their Christmas card.  Daisy and Highway didn’t feel like cooperating…!  We finally managed to get one good picture, but it wasn’t even that great!  Daisy and Highway kept trying to play with each other.  Then Daisy wouldn’t sit down by her Daddy.  Then when Daisy finally sat down, Highway decided he wanted to sprawl out all over the floor and sleep.  It was quite a trying picture taking session for this photographer…!  Here’s some of the outtakes (unfortunately I didn’t get any with Baddy and Jimmy in the picture because we used Aunt Baddy’s camera for that.  These are some pictures from my camera…):

Daisy and Highway in their Santa Bandanas…playing with each other and refusing to sit still for a picture.

 Daisy, Grandma, and Highway.
Grandma trying to get a good angle for Daisy’s bandana.

4 thoughts on “Last Chance to Enter the Personalized Santa Dog Bandana Giveaway!

  1. Dogs can be so uncooperative at times. Getting them to sit still for one second can be the hardest thing ever. And then when you don't want them to sit still that's all they do. Sigh!It looks like you all had fun at least!

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