Our First Award

We got our first blog reward from Nova the Great Dane.  Thanks, Nova!  It’s the “Doggie Bloggie Award.”

Now here’s ten interesting things about Riley:
1.  Riley LOVES food.  The better it smells, the faster she eats it.  She loves her dog food, Innova, and loves her training treats.

2.  Another food one…  Riley likes to eat Shredded Wheat as a healthy snack.  It’s cheap and has practically zero sugar and it lasts a really long time.

3.  Riley is in love with my sister’s husband, Jimmy.  She gives him moon eyes and has even stroked his arm a few times with her paw.

4.  Riley is very picky about what dogs she gets along with.  Her latest dog friend is a male Golden Retriever named Duncan that she met at class.  She also likes a male Rottweiler mix named Kapua.

5.  Riley loves to play!  All the time…she settles down at oh-dark-thirty at night.

6.  7:30 AM is the latest Riley likes to sleep.  We go to bed around 9:00 or 10:00 and she’s raring to go by 7:00.  When she was a puppy she got up at dawn and used to yip for about an hour until we finally got up with her.

7.  Riley does occasionally nap…actually she naps most of the day but likes to get her play time in there too.

8.  Riley is my first dog of my own.

9.  Riley caught and ate the head of a bunny when she was 3 months old.  She’s trying ever so hard to catch a squirrel but hasn’t managed to snag one yet.  If you have a pest problem, you might want to seek out Riley’s services!

10.  Riley’s best friend in the world is my parents’ 12 year old dog, Chloe.  Riley also happens to be Chloe’s best friend in the world.

We’re supposed to give 15 other bloggers this award, but we know most of you have already gotten it before, so whoever wants it is welcome to have it!

I’m going to try to remember to post the giveaway tomorrow…I’m sure someone will remind me if not.  Things have been crazy as far as school and working have gone!  I think my brain’s gone south on me.

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Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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