Not the Best, but Not the Worst

Well, Riley wasn’t the worst dog in class tonight but she definitely wasn’t the best one there.  There were 6 dogs there including Riley.  4 of them were better than her.  1 was worse than her.  Sigh.  This is exactly why we’re going back to class!  I’ll have a real blog post tomorrow!

8 thoughts on “Not the Best, but Not the Worst

  1. Ah the joys of owning a Queensland! They sure know how to test their limits don't they? =) My parent's Lucky is always pushing!!! Roxy is pretty good most of the time but she's mixed with pit bull so who knows if that is the difference. ~The Mama Monster

  2. So Riley was right in the middle!I hear ya, we go through the same thing with Leroy in conformation class, some days he's got it and somedays he doesn't. I keep telling myself practice makes perfect, but I don't like to practice:)

  3. Sometimes an off day is just an off day. There have been times where every other class has gone brilliantly and then for no reason at all Shiva will be nuts and act like she hasn't learned anything. It's frustrating but it seems it's just how the brain works. I'm sure Riley will be much better next time!It's hard not to see it as a competition, though. I know all too well.

  4. Fred was perfect in pet therapy class, then we tested and all he was interested in was smelling the carpet…. instead of focusing on me… good times. We start back on saturday training to retest and I am sure he will be a major pain in the ass this round just to piss me off 🙂

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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