Flip Flop Eating

Whew, I have been busy this week with school and working some too.  Then I babysat for some friends of mine last night.  I’m glad to finally get to sit down and post a blog.  I told myself that when I got 50 followers I would do a giveaway.  I don’t know what exactly I’m going to give away (I do know of a certain 52 pound female Australian Cattle Dog that would LOVE to come visit you…!  Just kidding), but I will be giving away something in the next week, so stay tuned for that.

Riley decided she would eat my mom’s flip flop this morning while I was asleep.  Usually she just comes back to bed with me but she decided to be a trouble maker this morning.  She also uncovered Chloe, so she also “unmade” my parents’ bed…

Those are bits of foam flip flop all over the bed…
I personally think it’s still wearable…that’s what I’ll be telling Grandma!!
Uh oh…Grandma’s home!!

11 thoughts on “Flip Flop Eating

  1. Hi Y'all! When I was young I chewed one of Momma's worn winter slippers and she continued to wear it until Papa bought her a new pair for Christmas. And no I didn't get punished because she didn't catch me chewing on it.Thanks for stoppin'. Come back soon! Hawk aka BrownDog

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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