The Pink Bandage……from Hell

Riley had quite a fun day today (sarcasm…).  I took her to the vet this afternoon (of course, she wasn’t limping or anything when I took her).  They sedated her to cut the rest of her nail off and decided to do new X-rays of her hips and left knee while she was already sedated.  She’s still quite out of it right now but is home resting.  She has a cute little pink bandage on her foot that she already tore off once at the vet.  She hasn’t been bothering it since we’ve been home though.  I have to call the surgeon tomorrow to see if they want to do anything about her hips or knee.  I can see no one’s getting Christmas presents this year…!  No crate rest for now at least.  Here are some pictures:

11 thoughts on “The Pink Bandage……from Hell

  1. Riley doesn't seem too concerned that you won't be able to buy Christmas presents this year! From the look on her face I can see that she is quite pleased with her pink bandage and she looks ready to play, play, play!

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