Today’s Awesome Visit

We had a GREAT therapy visit today at the nursing home!  Riley was so good.  She heeled nicely and was so happy to get “sugars” from all of the residents.  Her favorite resident was not there…I don’t know if she was in the hospital or went home or…yes, died.  I’ll have to ask about her next time.  I didn’t ask this time because I was afraid of what the answer would be!

A guy that works at the nursing home was painting some trim and offered to paint Riley too!  He said it was water based and would wash off…  She brushed up against paint when she was a puppy and had a white side and tail for a while.  I should’ve let her get painted today but I’m no fun!

It looks like the side of Riley’s nail came off sometime last night or this morning.  No blood this time, thankfully.  But she’s been licking it a lot.  Hopefully her antibiotic will keep it from getting infected.  They didn’t tell me that she couldn’t lick it, so I guess it’s okay that she’s licking it.  Who knows.

I’m actually off to the vet right now to get Riley’s new health form filled out for her Therapy Dogs International renewal so maybe I’ll ask.

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Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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