Taking it Easy

I guess the pain pills Riley’s on for her nail makes her a little tired.  Or else she’s just been ultra calm yesterday and today…nah, it’s gotta be the pills!  She injured her nail a little bit again this afternoon when she decided it was time to wake up and play with Chloe.  I guess her pill had worn off by then.  No blood this time, just a yelp and refusing to put her paw down for a few minutes.  I have a sneaky suspicion that the nail’s gonna have to get cut off in the end because she’s just too energetic to let it heal up!  It’s almost time for her PM pain pill and antibiotics, so hopefully she’ll just take it easy the rest of the evening.

We have a therapy visit tomorrow at the nursing home so I’m hoping she doesn’t injure it any more so we don’t have to cancel our visit!!

Sorry the picture is so grainy…I didn’t have my camera near me so I took this with my iPod.

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7 thoughts on “Taking it Easy

  1. We have had to have a few of Sherman's nails cut all the way back, he has brittle nails and the shell sometimes falls off and all that is left is the quick so the vet cuts it back all the way, it usually heals after a few days, but it is so hard to keep him from licking at it!I hope Riley's nail heals and you don't have to cancel your visit:)

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