Broken Nail

Riley split one of her nails right down the middle earlier playing outside with her big ball.  I had already made her an appointment at the V-E-T to get her nails trimmed and anal glands expressed tomorrow so I’ll have to get them to look at the hurt nail.  I assume you don’t do anything for them, but who knows.  The poor baby was bleeding and everything.  I tried to get a picture of it but she wasn’t having any of that…!  I’ll have to see what they say about it tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Broken Nail

  1. OMG poor girl! My Dogue De Bordeaux actually stubbed his toe on the concrete and had to have his toenail removed… How many dogs seriously stub their toes???? Only mine! Hope she is back on her feet in no time! ~The Mama Monster

  2. Hey! Aww I am so sorry that Riley is not having a good day! a good pedi should help out!!If Riley doesnt mindme getting in her business… How often should you get there glands expressed? I have actually never heard of this!

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