Studying Hard

I was very excited to see this morning that Riley won her category of Sugar’s 10sec Trick n Treat Contest!

Riley and I will be starting back up to dog school in another week or two.  We’ll be taking another advanced class, this time at a different training center.

In human school news…I have been having to study hard since I didn’t do ANY studying in St. Louis…  Riley has been trying her best to be good!  Here are some pictures:

Riley and Chloe keeping watch at the top of the stairs.
Riley faking a nap…

I wouldn’t say she’s exactly HELPING me study, but she’s not hurting either…  It also helps that I used that racquetball racket to play ball with her before I started studying.

Study break!  This is my new favorite picture of us.

12 thoughts on “Studying Hard

  1. Congrats to your win! I saw you on sugar's blog. My momma has been studying hard too. She says that I bring her good luck. I hope riley does the same for you!Chewy

  2. gratsers to miss riley on winning miss sugar's trick 'n treat!! ya'll are gonna LOOOOVE miss sugar's treatsies. they are so so so super delish! oh, and it looks like miss riley makes a grrreat study buddy. teehee. i totally dig your picture together! :)*woof*the booker man

  3. Way to go, Riley-girl! Congratulations!I know you'll both be working hard in school and making us all proud!That's a wonderful photo of you and Riley. Kudos to the photographer (of course the photographer couldn't have done it without such great models!)

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