Doggie Sitting

I’m sitting at my sister’s house watching Riley’s two Boxer cousins, Daisy and Highway, while my sister and my mom are having a yard sale out front.  I wish I had some pictures of the sale or of the dogs, but the card reader on my sister’s computer isn’t working.  The dogs are being pretty good.  Mostly just sleeping.  Here’s a picture of them I posted on my blog last month:

Daisy’s the brown female and Highway’s the white male.  They love each other!  My mom calls them “Brother and Sister.”
Oh, and FYI, Highway was named before my sister and her husband got him.  Apparently he was hit by a car before this rescue found him.

And don’t forget about the Pet Blog Hop!

5 thoughts on “Doggie Sitting

  1. Thats nice of you to dog sit so your sister and mom can do the garage sale thing! It still seems a little funny to me that people can have garage sales in October. I just moved to a warmer climate this year and I LOVE it. But last year I was living where October means a nice layer of frost is on the ground (maybe even snow) and there are no garage sales. Its another change that I can't complain about!Thanks for stopping by our blog today! Paws of Love,Emerald

  2. Elyse,Thanks for following our blog. It's nice to see another aussie of sorts. Yes he does have hip dysplasia. He is just 5 1/2 months old and his right side is bad with 5-10% femoral coverage and will have to be operated on in the future. His left side was severe and had to be corrected now. His acetabulum is extremely shallow with no coverage.My father and most of my family live in Virginia (Millboro Springs, Hot Springs, Covington). Again, thanks for joining us. PS…Riley is a lovely girl!

  3. haha what cuties!!!We loved care-a-lot!! I cant wait until I get a little bigger because mommy said there are TONS of huge toys just the right size for a Giant Breed like me!! She was astonished at all the toys they have that I wont be able to break quickly!! OH.. and EVERYONE was "owwww and ahhhhing" over my sissy teagan… On lady gave me lovies though!Bark in the Park was cancelled.. that made us sad.. but we did see some doggies jump into the big pool! They had a jumping contest to see how far the doggies could jump into the pool.. Oh I would be way to scared to do that!

  4. Hi there! I found your blog via the blog hop – I am a huge fan of Australian Cattle dogs. Riley is absolutely beautiful. It looks like you had fun dog sitting!

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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