Tennis Racket Bliss

Riley and I report to middle school (yikes!) on November 4th for their Paws to Read program.  That may or may not bring back awkward memories for me…!

I just now discovered an old tennis racket I had out in our garage.  My mom and sister are having a yard sale this Saturday, so they were finding all kinds of things of mine to sell.  They’re not selling this tennis racket!  I took one of Riley’s favorite orange balls outside and hit it across the yard with the tennis racket.  She LOVED that!  She got a bit muddy since it’s been raining the last few days, but I just wiped her off and she’s good to go now.

TV or ball??  I think BALL!!
Ready to go outside and play!!
After coming in…the ball’s a bit dirty.  Oh well, Riley doesn’t care one bit.

6 thoughts on “Tennis Racket Bliss

  1. Now see if it were Moi!!!! I would have certainly chosen the remote over the ball. I just simply can't afford to mend a broken nail!!! But looks like you had a fabulous time!!!Hugs & smoochies!! XOXOHailey

  2. hmm I doing think my post posted.. I was saying that the resort is actually 5 minutes from my house.. oh and a lady that works there lives in the apartment complex that I live in and she owns two great danes!! so I will check them out. BUT we are moving to Norfolk in january so we will be closer to care a lot soon.. plus we just want to check it out! Are yall going to the Bark in the Park in Chesapeek this sunday??

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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