100 (and 1) Posts!

I somehow forgot to mention in my last post, “Stinkerbell,” that it was my 100th blog post!  I can’t believe I forgot.  Anyway…

Riley has had diarrhea for the last 2 days.  Well, just really runny poop I think.  I tried finding her some pumpkin at the grocery store to firm her up, but they didn’t have any.  Apparently another grocery store in the area does have it though.  I gave her some brown rice last night for dinner and this morning for breakfast, so hopefully that’ll help until I can get some pumpkin.  Poor girl.  I leave to go out of town tomorrow morning, so my mom’s going to keep a good eye on the poopage situation and take her to the vet if needed.

Uh-oh, looks like she’s gotta go!
Oh…  She just wants to play!
It doesn’t really seem to be bothering her any…she’s still got PLENTY of energy and she’s not acting sick or anything.  Hopefully this will just pass over.  My only concern is that she rarely, if ever, has had runny poop/diarrhea for the almost year and a half that I’ve had her.  I’m sure she’ll be fine though.  She probably just ate something she shouldn’t have.

10 thoughts on “100 (and 1) Posts!

  1. Same thing with our Hunter girl!!! I noticed last night when I let her out before bed, that she did… Good thing for baby wipes! I hear that pumpkin is scarce lately because of pumpkin crop issues… Good luck finding some and I hope she's back to normal soon! ~The Monster Crew

  2. happy belated 100th post!!miss riley, isn't it so embarrassing like when the hoomans start talking about our poops? maybe we should do blog posts about their poops. BOL!hope your mama has a safe trip and have funsies getting spoiled at your grammy and gramps!*woof*the booker man

  3. Gosh Riley!!! I agree…. moms canbe so embarrassing at times! i wish i could comment on m moms stinky breath in the morning when she wakes up! Ooops! Did I say that out loud!!!! Hope the tummy issues passes quickly… no pun intended though!! BOL! Have fun getting spoiled!!!Hugs & smoochies! XOXOHailey

  4. Mom thinks it is funny that Riley acts like a Pest too.. Mom would take us for another walk but by the time she gets home it is usually 90+ degrees out there and she says we don't have shoes.. he heBig Sloppy KissesGus, Louie and Callie

  5. Riley must be missing her Mama. I can't imagine being away from my best friend for that long. Although I must say it has been wonderful having you in St. Louis and getting to know you better. You have done an exceptional job training all of us.Blessings on your journey home…. *woof*

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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