That dog shampoo I had from Target smelled really good…for about 6 hours, then Riley stunk again.  We used to have some Top Paw dog shampoo years ago that smelled good for about a week, so I went to (overpriced) Petsmart (I usually go to Care-A-Lot, they’re much cheaper…I was in the vicinity of Petsmart though) and bought some Raspberry Jojoba Conditioning Shampoo hoping this will last longer.  I’m not particularly fond of raspberry, but I can live with it.  I just liked the whole shampoo and conditioner thing.  The challenge was leaving it on Riley for about 5 minutes.  She did good though.  I did have to get in the tub with her this time though to reach her feet. 

I’ll be gone out of town starting Wednesday morning and Riley is once again staying in the very capable hands of Grandma and Grandpa.  I probably won’t post again until Sunday or Monday.  She’ll have a good time and get spoiled rotten, I’m sure.  I don’t give Riley a lot of treats…she usually gets a Shredded Wheat square every time I see her go to the bathroom and she gets one Milk Bone at night before bed.  Grandma and Grandpa on the other hand are liberal treat givers.  You look cute, you get a treat.  You sleep, you get a treat.  You fart, you get a treat…you get the idea…and a treat!

Here are some pictures from the bath:

Lather, rinse, repeat.  I said lather, rinse, repeat.  I SAID…

Skinny tail…
Fluffy tail!
Poor baby!  I use Baby Shampoo on her head.
Almost done!
Sitting pretty for a treat!  Damp but not soaked.
Oh, and I got a 94 on my first Microbiology test.  All of Riley’s study help has paid off!

6 thoughts on “Stinkerbell

  1. Oh Riley you are such a trooper to endure that. hehe Mom gets the hose after us. Something about keeping a cattle dog in the tub.. Congrad's on your awesome score. Keep up the good work. We are sending heeler mind vibes your way..Big Sloppy KissesGus, Louie and Callie

  2. Yes, that is the same one they are talking about!!! I am so going to check that out because the allaboutdane site that I LOVE to read has Innova as their top pick but they dont sell it at petsmart!!! and yes.. OMG. I cant believe PETCO even stays open!!! Can dogs go to Care A Lot?

  3. miss riley,i'm so sorry you had to go tubbin'. boohoohoo!my mama's on the same mission as your mama to find a shampoo that smells super good for a looooong time. that's fine with me 'n asa cuz we don't like baths!! if your mama finds a good shampoo that lasts, could you please woof it to us? we would be totally most grateful! *woof*the booker man

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