Pretty in Pink

I stopped by Care-A-Lot today to get Riley a new rope toy for outside.  Actually, I bought two…seeing the rate she goes through them.  She already has one of the new ones chewed in half.  I also picked up some Frontline while I was there and I MIGHT have given in and bought her a new collar and leash.  It’s like my mom said, she’s a girl and she needs new stuff to wear too!  I tried to get a good picture of her collar but she wouldn’t stay in one place long enough…  It’s a Martingale collar and I must say she looks awfully cute in it!

Oh, but first…the picture we entered into Sugar’s contest!  I couldn’t get Riley to let me put a treat on top of her head or nose, so we settled on 4 Milk Bones on her front legs.
Oh, and also, before we get to the new collar pictures, a picture of Chloe eating a stick.  Chloe had never ever eaten a stick before I got Riley.  Now that she’s seen Riley do it, she’s all about sticks!
A little blurry, but a good shot of the collar.  Of course, I had to get her pink so people would stop calling her a boy or asking me if I had a boy dog.  I have a matching leash too.
Therapy Dog tag on her new collar.
And a shot from above.  Plus some toys…!

5 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. Ohhhh what a cute girlie collar!!!! I try to tell my husband the same thing when I get the girls new collars!!! He really flipped his lid when I ordered Lola a Coach collar and leash! I quickly learned my lesson when our foster dog Zoe at the collar right off of Lola's neck and left the little metal Coach tag on the floor just to taunt me!!!! ~The Monster Crew

  2. Riley you are one lucky pup. Mom certainly spoils you. Don't tell our Mom but we are just a bit spoiled too.. Mom says she was the leader of the pack yesterday. She couldn't go anywhere without us following her.. We were just afraid she would leave us again..Big Sloppy KissesGus, Louie and Callie

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