Pillow Stealer!

Here’s where I found Riley when I got out of the shower this morning…:

Riley and I are going to start visiting a middle school starting in October or November for their reading program.  I’m pretty excited about it and I think she’ll do great with middle school kids.  Our next nursing home visit is this Friday and of course Riley’s going to love that like usual!

Here’s Riley helping me unpack last night:

(As you can see, I don’t typically make my bed…I’m just going to mess it up and get right back in it anyway…!).

4 thoughts on “Pillow Stealer!

  1. Riley looks so darn snuggly with your pillow, I hope you didn't wake her up!Stumpy visits a nursing home here, in Mass. It's one of her favorite stops because everyone makes such a big deal over her.I'm in total agreement with your bedmaking theory and I feel the same about dusting!

  2. I love that first pic- each morning that I have a day off and Matty has to work, Nyxie patiently waits for him to make his side of the bed. It looks as though she's standing in line. As soon as he heads away from the bed, his spot is HERS!! What a creature of habit…I love waking up to her snout next to my face!

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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