Special Treats!

I have never made Riley anything edible for a special treat, so I figured it was high time I did so.  (I know, GASP!)  I found a few recipes for Frosty Paws that seemed easy enough (and didn’t cost $5 like Frosty Paws you buy at the store!!) so I tried my hand at them a few minutes ago.

The first was a Blueberry & Banana Frosty Paws recipe that I got from Sugar’s Blog!  Here’s what it looked like:

Then there was this recipe from Kristy at My Pet Savings for Peanut Butter & Banana Frosty Paws.  I decided to make only a fourth of the suggested recipe because I didn’t have room in my freezer for all those Frosty Paws!  Here’s how it turned out:

Ignore the dark speckles, that was just from where I didn’t rinse out the blender very well from the Blueberry & Banana Frosty Paws I made right before these!!

I will let you know how the girls like them.  They’re in my freezer still liquefied at this point.

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