Saturday Blog Hop

Kerplunk!!  Riley fell off the bed last night for only the third time in her short little life!  I guess she just got too comfortable and rolled right off the edge.  The poor baby hurt her hip a little bit but she seems to be fine today.  She was limping last night.  She fell off the bed the very first night I had her when she was 7 weeks old, then again when she was about 8 months old, then last night.  She’s 17 months old now.  It’s hard to believe my little fat roly-poly puppy is now a lean mean machine!!

Here is a picture of her “making friends” with a bed again.  Or successfully demonstrating how NOT to fall off of a bed…!

8 thoughts on “Saturday Blog Hop

  1. Lily fell off the Bed a Couple Nights Ago. She scared me half the death, she is so little so I am always afraid that she is going to break something.Have A Wonderful WeekendLily,Bailey,Wrinkles,Grover,Geisha

  2. That is a scary thing for a little/medium sized dog to fall off the bed but it's even worse for dachshunds who are prone to back problems, etc. So you be careful with Riley so she doesn't hurt her hip again! Poor girl! P.S. Glad you got a kick out of the DOG FOOD FOR HUMANS blog post! Who would've thought that eating veggies and fruit could be so comical!?

  3. Hi Riley,I'm Velcro…..I'm a cattle dog too!!I'm sorry you fell off the bed-thats not fun!!!I added you to my pup pals-so I'll come by and visit you again!!! I luv cattle dogs!!WoofVelcro

  4. Im so glad that she is ok – wheew that can be scary with our hip d. dogs. Haylie falls off the bed and couch every once in awhile – its like she in a deep sleep and has a dream and moves around and bam..she is quite larger so the fall isnt that bad.I love the pic of Riley on the bed, too cute!

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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