Hurley…AKA "Green Toy"

Riley has a West Paw Design Hurley toy that she loves.  She knows it as her “Green Toy.”  West Paw has a guarantee on their toys that if the dog is able to destroy the toy, they’ll replace it with the same toy or another toy by them for free.  That’s what mainly turned me on to buying the toy…Riley can seemingly destroy any toy.  She also has a few other toys by the same company: a Bumi, and two Ziscs.  We’ve had these toys for about 8 months now and she hasn’t been able to break any pieces off them or destroy them yet, so that’s always a plus!  I would definitely recommend toys from West Paw to other dog owners!

West Paw Design “Hurley” Toy
Riley with her “Green Toy”

One thought on “Hurley…AKA "Green Toy"

  1. Agressive chewing is what the experts call it. I renamed it focused chewing…must be a heeler thing. Stumpy's amazing powers of focused destruction are epic. Thank DOG she only focuses on her toys.So, we'll put West Paws on her christmas list! Thanks for the heads up!

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