Meal Carts Are So Scary…!

We visited again at the nursing home again today.  Riley did good.  She was very interested in all the activity going on in the halls but she still visited with the residents.  She was, of course, scared of the big meal carts they were pushing around but she got over it.  I was really proud of her because we were visiting down one hallway and an alarm was going off in the room next to us.  She noticed it but seemed to ignore it, and that’s what we train for.

We ran into a couple of residents again that really loved Riley and talked to me about the dogs they used to own.  I talked to one lady about what all we had to do to train and come to the nursing home.  Anyway, it’s nice to let people reminisce about their dogs.  Oh, and this one lady told me to just say the word and she’d go ahead and die…that was kinda sad but other than that, we had a good visit!

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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