Vet Visit

I took Riley today to the vet to get her nails trimmed and her Bordetella shot.  They told me on the phone they could do her Rabies shot (due 6/10/2010) today too.  So I said great, go ahead.  Then when I got there they told me they could also do the rest of her shots that were due July 1st and her wellness exam.  Good, they could do it all in one visit instead of three!!

Let’s just say the vet isn’t one of Riley’s favorite places to go…  She was all good until the ladies from the back came out to get her.  Then she hid under the chairs in the waiting room.  I had to walk back to the door with them for her to go with them.  They said she was good in the back getting her nails trimmed but that she likes to move around a lot and is hard to hold still.  They didn’t have to tell me about how hard she is to hold still…I know that…!  Then the doctor came in and we all had a heck of a time holding her still for her exam.  She didn’t want to face the vet, she wanted to face me.  She was pretty good after the exam was over.  She kissed the vet on the lips and snuggled up under his chin.  He said he doesn’t know why she gets so nervous at the vet and that she was just chilling out in the back and doing obedience commands for them.  He also said that she’s a perfect weight right now (53 lbs.) and is all muscle.

Two of the people that work at the vet had to ask me about her Therapy Dog tag.

Well, we now know that (almost $200 later) she is a happy, healthy (not so fond of the vet) puppy.

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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