Dead Birds and Such

I thought it was time to give my blog a much needed face lift!

Since it was 90 degrees outside today, and since my dad and I were still working on home improvement projects out there (on a side note, let me just say I hate caulk and caulking…), I decided to put the kiddie pool out back for the dogs.  Riley got to spend maybe a minute and a half in it before my parents’ dog, Chloe, hijacked it.  Chloe wouldn’t let Riley anywhere near the pool.  Riley didn’t seem to care too much that she couldn’t get in the pool.  Chloe would bark incessantly at Riley when Riley would come within 10 feet of the pool.  I finally got Chloe to shut up and about a minute later she started barking at Riles again.  Riles (as I like to call her) was just laying down on the patio.  Later she started playing with her big ball in the yard and it rolled right next to the pool.  She was scared to go near it and get it so I had to go kick it away for her.  Chloe wouldn’t stop barking so after about 20 minutes of filling the pool up, I dumped all the water out and put it away.  Problem solved.

I had to give Riley a “half bath” (washing her chest and legs) because she got so muddy from where the water had run off into the yard.  She had it literally caked on her legs and chest.  Luckily she doesn’t give me any problems getting into the tub.  All of the other dogs in our family have to be dragged into the tub.

Then later on in the day we were out back again (painting this time) and Riley got pretty quiet in the side yard.  Riley being quiet never amounts to anything good…  I found her nosing at a dead bird on the ground.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t kill it because it wasn’t bloody or anything and I didn’t see any tooth holes or bite marks on it.  Luckily she didn’t have it in her mouth because I doubt I would have been able to get it out.  Thank God she didn’t eat it…yuck.  She did eat a newborn bunny’s head when she was 3 or 4 months old…gross!  I (just for the record) do not touch dead animals…or (for the most part) live animals other than dogs and cats.  I held on to Riley while my dad picked it up and got rid of it.  Thanks, Dad!  🙂

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Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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