Scared Pup

I helped my Dad build some headers that go over the windows on the front of our house.  The old ones were made out of wood and rotted out so we made some out of PVC and composite materials.  So these should not rot out and should last forever.  Thank God we only have to build them once and they should last forever.

Riley decided to accompany us in the backyard while we were building them.  She was scared of the nail gun but oddly enough, not scared of the miter saw.  She’s a strange little dog but that’s another topic for another time.  She ran around the backyard with her big ball and dug up some roots to play with.  I felt bad this morning for leaving her home alone (well, with Chloe) so I let her be out there with us all day while we built the headers.  She seemed to enjoy the outdoors (like she always does) and had a good time playing and lapping up as much water as she could as quickly as she could (luckily she didn’t vomit this time from drinking so fast).

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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