Sticks & Roots & Such

Here’s Riley with a root she dug up and pulled out of the ground the other day.  You can see where she dug it up off to the left in the picture.  She’s obsessed with pulling roots up because she knows she doesn’t have any sticks in the yard and she loves a good stick!

Riley got really lucky…it stormed last night.  That means branches came off the tree in our backyard so she was in hog heaven today.  She had about a 5 foot long branch she was playing with today.  She’ll chew on the branch then come scratch on the back door because she wants someone to throw it for her.  She knows she’s not allowed to bring any sticks in the house so she’ll put the stick down on the patio and scratch on the door.  We say, “Oh, she doesn’t have a stick in her mouth anymore so I can let her in…”  Then as soon as you open the door she runs and grabs her stick and tries to make a run for it.  She’s a smart little thing…

Riley with her tree branch today.

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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