A (Cold) Day at the Beach

Here are some pictures of Riley and my parents’ dog, Chloe, at the beach today.  It was only in the 50’s but we still thought going to the beach was a good idea.

Riley walking with me at the beach.  She thought she needed to eat the sea weed at first.
Riley in the COLD water.
Riley’s best bud, Chloe.  Her ears don’t normally stick up, it was windy.
Riley thought she would bolt out of the car after a flock of sea gulls when we first pulled up to the beach.  Her leash was just out of reach a few times in my chase after her.  I squatted down and called her to come and she came all the way up to me until I stood up to grab her leash and then she ran off.  She would stop and sniff of something then run off.  Finally, I was able to grab her leash when she stopped to sniff something at the beach’s amphitheater.  It was quite an adventure for about 2 or 3 minutes!
Riley after I had her under control!!

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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