Slim and Trim

I took Riley to get her nails trimmed at the vet today (they were like daggers!).  At first she hid under the chairs and didn’t want to go to the back with the tech.  I had to walk her to the door to the back and she was fine after that.  They weighed her and she now weighs 49 pounds.  She weighed 51.6 pounds a couple weeks ago when I took her to the veterinary surgeon.  I guess her no treat diet has been working!  She was never overweight but the less weight she has on her, the better for her hips.  She’s also been able to play fetch short distances in the house and has gotten to run around and play with my parents’ dog, Chloe.  I have only taken her for a walk a few times since she’s been off crate rest because it’s been so cold and wet out.  Once the weather gets better she’ll get to go on more walks.  The exercise is good for her hips and her waistline!

Riley passed out on my parents’ bed after an evening of fetch.  Don’t be fooled, this time of rest didn’t last long!

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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