The Home Stretch!!

We got another few inches of snow today, which is rare for Southeast Virginia. Poor Riley has been dying to go out and run around in it but she’s still on crate rest. This is her last day on crate rest!! Thank God…I don’t think I could survive one more day. Riley’s definitely not a fan of crate rest or hip dysplasia. Things will be back to their crazy, loud selves tomorrow and I’m sure I’ll be ready for crate rest again by noon. I’m going to give Riley her sedatives tomorrow too to kind of ease her back into the routine of things then I’ll take her off of them on Friday. Riley gets to go to class again tomorrow night (if it doesn’t snow any more) and I’m sure she’ll be really excited about that. Sorry I have no pictures to post today, all that’s going on is that Riley is in her crate and that’s not too exciting.

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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