Breeder’s Response

I e-mailed Riley’s breeder last week to let her know about Riley’s problems with her hips and knees. I got an e-mail back today. She said this was Riley’s parents’ second litter together and the first problem between the cross. She also said that she thought it was wonderful that I was going to keep Riley and take care of her. If I ever change my mind she can change Riley out for a new pup.

Aww, I don’t know how I could ever change Riley out for a new puppy. First of all, I wouldn’t want to go through puppyhood again. Once in my lifetime is good enough for me! Riley follows me around the house. Any time I move in the house, Riley moves right with me. If I get out of her sight she has to come find me or else she gets a little upset about not being able to see me and know where I am. Plus, I’ve put in all this time to train Riley. There’s no way I could exchange her.

Riley loves hearing from her friends!

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