No Surgery!!

Well, it looks like (for now at least) Riley doesn’t need surgery. Yay! She’s on strict crate rest for 2 weeks (which she is not happy about) and is on pain killers as needed. I really want to get her a bed so she doesn’t have to lay right on those joints but I don’t want her to shred it to pieces.

The surgeon said she actually has hip dysplasia in both hips and that it’s just more prominent in the left hip. She said the more pressing thing is her kneecaps. She has bilateral medial patella luxations meaning that both of her kneecaps slip out of place. They slip back in by themselves but she’s going to get arthritis in both of her knees and she may eventually need surgery to make the grooves that her kneecaps slip out of deeper. At least she won’t be having to go through any surgeries right now. The surgeon said she doesn’t know how bad her hip dysplasia will get so that she could go without the TPO for now. Luckily, she said that if she needs a hip replacement later on she’ll most likely only need one instead of both of them.

Riley’s also had a problem off and on with her left front elbow. At first they thought it was a sprain but it kept coming back. Now the surgeon said it could be Panosteitis even though it didn’t show up on the X-ray or some other problem that they could fix by scoping it. Good news there I suppose.

No class for Riley tonight or next week but she should be right on schedule (unless things get any worse) to take her therapy dog exam in April. They told me at the vet today that she was such a sweet dog and a nice dog. I told them she was training to be a therapy dog and the vet told me that she sees one therapy dog that tries to bite her! Ouch, that’s not doing the therapy dogs any justice!

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